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My name's Jason Anderson and I'm a pretty average 13 year old kid from Oregon...or at least I was until a couple weeks ago. My older sister Kristi said she would pick me from baseball practice after her cheerleading practice since she had just gotten her license and dad had bought her a new car. She never did pick me up though and I just had to walk home. It was a long and shitty walk home probably 2 miles and of course it was raining. When I finally got home my parents immediately grounded me for getting home so late and my sister sat quietly with a little smirk on her face. Even my little sister Kelly had a good laugh at how much trouble I was in. I went to bed really angry that night. Like I said I'm a pretty average guy, for the most part. I hit puberty early and I figure I'll only grow for another year or two at most. I'm 5 foot 7 and pretty skinny I weighabout 150 lbs and I'm pretty fit. My older sister Kristi is the stereotypical popular bitch at the school she is 16 years old and she's about 5 foot 2 with really pale skin and red hair, no freckles though, just like our mother. Our mother's name is Janice, I've had a hard time thinking of her as a mother for a while now. She's bigger than Kristi about 5 foot 6 and she's only 34. Janice and gotten pregnant quite young but thankfully dad and been easily manipulated into doing whatever she asked. They had gotten married at his expense and since then he had spent his life working to provide for her, and her children. Because of her luxurious life, Janice still looked like she was only 25 on the other hand dad was almost 10 years older, 43 to be exact but he looked almost 50. Me and Janice always used to measure back to back until a couple months ago when I finally outgrew her. And then there's Kelly, she was only 9 years old. She had beautiful blonde hair that went to the top of her ass and was only 4 foot 1 and was probably the purest one in the whole family. I was woken up in the middle of an angry dream that night and what I saw nearly gave me a heart attack. It was a man in a cloak but I couldn't see a face all I heard was a voice but it felt like it was completely in my head. It was asking me exactly what I wanted as if I could have anything imaginable. It was something I had thought of many times before going to bed like many kids my age and I knew exactly what I wanted. Could I control time with my mind? You're wish Could be granted.What do I need to do? You need to choose one to die.But I couldn't kill someone. You won't have to, simply choose one.....my dad.You're wish will be granted. I don't remember going back to bed only waking up like a completely normal Saturday morning. At first I was convinced it was just a dream but I figured I would give it a shot what harm could it do. I tried to focus on pausing time with my mind and I felt something in my mind click and everything outside my window with all the noise seemed to stop. I opened my door and walked downstairs to see my dad and Janice in what looked like an argument over a plane ticket in my dad's hand, he was probably going on another business trip and my mom was probably bugging him for cash while he was gone. Then it hit me, that was how my dad was going to die it wasn't like I heard the voice telling me but somehow I just knew that's how I was going to pay for this new ability. I knew what I had to do but I still took the time to feel up Janice just a little bit before I resumed time. I had never had my hands on her before and all I could think about was getting her to let me do this to her while she was actually awake. This was more for the fun of messing with her mind before her husband left for the last time. I gently lifted up her summer dress and pulled down her underwear as far as I could without moving her legs and then used a pair of scissors to cut them off and threw them in the trash. I then lifted her shirt and did the same with her bra and put her back as close to normal as I possibly could. I planted a kiss right on her lips and went to walk back up the stairs but changed my mind and went back down for a little more fun. I lifted Janice's dress above her hips and moved her hands to hold it in place for me. With no underwear on the rest was beautifully easy. I slowly moved the tip of my cock to the edge of her pussy and looking at my dad right in the eye I slowly moved the first couple inches of my 8 inch cock. This being the first pussy I'd ever fucked it didn't take too long and in no time I was filling Janice full of my cum. Thankfully with the time paused nothing started to seep out of her right away and I put her dress back in place and I went back upstairs, resumed time,精品国产三级a在线观看 and listened to my dad defend himself I'm sure while Janice tried to get hold of what had just happened to her. Jason- Hey mom, dad calm down what's the problem. - looking Janice in the eye I know she somehow knew it was my load she was feeling inside her Dad - Don't worry about it son I'm just going on a trip to Utah tonight and your mother's upset Janice - C'mon David I just don't have a good feeling about this trip Dad - You say that about all of them honey but you love the money don't you Janice - Don't be like that honey we don't need the money do we son? Jason - I don't know mom - I was looking my dad directly in the eyes at this point he looked so pathetic - Kelly is going to need more gymnastics courses and Kristi's car insurance isn't free. You should probablyjust let dad go make the money like he always does. - At this point I gave him a big pat on the pack and asked if he needed any help packing his stuff. Janice - Oh Jason you're horrible - she didn't even look that uncomfortable anymore with no underwear on and I was loving the view of her hard nipples in that tight white top Dad - Thanks son yeah I could use your help this trip was sprung on me last minute almost like it came straight from the top you know. Jason - Oh I know exactly what you mean dad lets go see what you should pack. In my parents room me and my dad started going through what clothes he would need on the trip. My dad was a pretty useless guy around the house but he did have a nice wardrobe and was actually a pretty similar size to me. I didn't want to lose any of the nice stuff he had. I had to be subtle about it asking how long the trip was supposed to be like I wanted him home fast so he wouldn't pack much thankfully it was just an overnight trip. I told him thenew look in business is more casual to wear one of the dumb ties he likes so much and one of his ugly old suits he loves. He went to put on the nice watch I've always wanted and I asked him if he would wear the watch I got him for Christmas back when I was 8 it had Mickey mouse on the face. He gave in to my pouty face and put his nice watch back on the dresser. He looked so horrible but I knew he had one hell of a life insurance policy so this was going to be better for all of us. I quickly paused time to find and check my dad's will to see how good this was going to be for all of us. ...In the event of a plane crash yada yada yada $10 million! Jesus who was he leaving this all too? damn it it all goes to mom and when she croaks.....ME! well fuck I don't really want to kill mom she's got a lot to offer maybe she'll be ok with the money we'll see I guess. My dad was just about ready to leave that night when he's taxi showed up we all said our goodbyes well almost. Kelly was out at gymnastics and Kristi was at some party. Janice was in the tub and I was watching TV. I got up to see him at the door and all I said was go get that money Dave and I flipped him off. He looked completely stunned like he was going to do something about it and then gave up and went out the door with the one nights worth of shitty clothing we had picked out for him. I went upstairs and with my mom in the bathtub I put on his watch and paused time. This was going to be fun. Sunday morning was a pretty fun morning. I was downstairs ready to go to church earlier than normal, being able to control time makes it hard to be late to anything. I heard my sisters and Janice scrambling trying to find something to wear. All of their clothes were still there but all of their underwear had disappeared. I sat watching TV when Kelly came out first dressed in a beautiful white Sunday dress Janice had put out for her last nice but without the underwear Janice had also put out to go with it all it did was provide a slight veil for her nude figure. She didn't seem overly bothered by it though with her childhood innocence she just ask is I had any underwear on. I told her of course I did and she seemed even more confused. Next of course was Janice and Kristi coming out both in their Sunday best nipples flaring on both of them it was hard not to burst out laughing immediately and they both seemed to want to blame me for their missing underwear. I told them I had no idea and how could I possibly sneak into their rooms and make it all disappear it was obviously no wear in the house. I convinced Janice we had better get to church or god might punish us she eventually agreed and we all piled into the car and went to church. The rest of the day was the same with me playing around with my sisters and Janice until she got the phone call that night. She dropped the phone and I knew exactly what had happened. Dad was dead. This was the perfect time for me to really start messing with Janice. Ihad found a couple different drugs online that said they could increase a woman's sexual desires almost like female Viagra and I mixed them with some ecstasy just for fun. I rewound time about 30 minutes and walked into the kitchen to see her working on a crossword puzzle. I offered to get her a drink and slipped what I needed to into her drink and gave it to her. I spent the next while playing the puzzle with her making sure to rub her shoulder and smell her hair as much as I could. I could feel her starting to vibrate just a little before the phone rang this would be even better. When my mom collapsed in tears her pupils were extremely dilated from the ecstasy and it almost looked like she was struggling not to finger herself right there on the floor. Again it was hard for Jason not to laugh in her face. Jason - What's wrong Janice? - stroking her hair gently Janice - Call me mom Jason, You're father...he's dead. Jason - Oh my god how'd he die? Janice - On his plane to the business meeting Jason - It's all my fault I made him go on that trip - pretending to care this much was really hard Janice - No son don't blame yourself come here and hold mommy we need to be strong Jason - You're right Janice we need to tell Kristi and Kelly and try and move on Janice - You're going to have to be the new man in family Jason Jason - I know mom - looking right into her eyes asI stroke her hair I help her to her feet Janice - I feel kind of funny honey can you help me to bed Jason - Of course Janice lets go get you into bed When I had Janice in her bedroom it was easy work from there. She was so worked up on the drugs I had given her and knowing her husband was dead had overloaded her little brain. I slowly undressed her telling her I was going to help her to bed and see her through the night, which was true but there was going to be more to it than that. When I finally saw her 36DD tits bouncing in real time I was amazed. It was hard not to go crazy right then but I didn't want to scare her yet. I was just as slow at removing her yoga pants and of course she still had no underwear which was nice. She was perfectly calm when I got her to lie down on top of her covers and spread herself out completely she seemed to enjoy being to naked and free. I was as sneaky about it as I could be and I probably didn't even have to be Janice was so out of it. When I slid the first fuzzy handcuff over her right wrist she didn't even notice and when I put the left one on she seemed to notice but only laughed and pulled once before her eyes rolled and she seems to forget all about it. I then moved to the ankles and handcuffed them together and then took the chain in the middle and hooked it up over her head so her legs were stuck up in the air. I then paused time again and left Janice in this horrible predicament while I went backward 30 minutes again and found my sister Kristi. I drugged my sister the same as I did Janice which is kind of unfair cause she's so much smaller but I figured it couldn't hurt besides the bitch had it coming. She had been hanging out with her friends but after letting her make a fool of herself for the first 30 minutes as the drug worked its way into her system I took her back to the room with Janice to have some real fun. I stripped Kristi completely and dressed her in a 14 inch strap on with 6inch high heels and a tiny little school girl skirt. I tied her hands behind her back and put some clothespins all over her tits and body and put a pretty pink ball in her mouth. when I resumed time she was confused to say the least. I was outside of the room looking in with the cameras I had installed as my sister stared at her mother completely tied up waiting to be fucked. I spoke into the room with the two gagged women and said through a voice distorter Jason - Hello Kristi, you know what you need to do. Take that big plastic cock and put it in your mother both her holes really hard until I tell you to stop. Kristi - HMffHmff Jason - No? - Instantly Kristi realizes she has something stuck up her ass, it's a 5 inch butt plug courtesy her brother but she has no idea how it's gotten there Jason - How bout now Kristi you want to do it or get it even worse? Kristi slowly walks over to her mother and leans in to stroke the back of her hair and tries to apologize for what she's about to do. As she's doing that the tip of the giant strap on begins to rub against the outside of Janice's now soaking wet pussy. Janice can't control herself and screams fuck me into the ball gag and even though you couldn't really hear what she said everyone that heard it knew what had been said. Kristi backed up an inch and lined the dildo up and slowly worked it in inch by inch with Janice moaning louder and louder as it entered. When it was finally the entire way in Kristi leaned into her mother's ear and whispered I love you slut and continued to ram her mother as fast and hard as she possibly could. Kristi finally seemed too tired to continued and began to pull out as if she was done. Jason - What do you think you're done? Kristi - humph? Jason - I said both holes for the whore now finish her up. Kristi didn't seem to want to do it and instantly she noticed a table in the room There was a random guy with a creepy smile sitting at the table holding a piercing gun Jason - You can either fuck her ass or this man can pierce both your tits and your clit for you which would you like first? Kristi - Fine I'll do it just leave my tits alone Kristi again has to walk up to her still pinned mother her body obviously cramped up from the drugs and orgasms the giant dildo had just given her. Kristi didn't even think about using lube she just lined the tip of the cock up to her mother's ass and right before she pushed in she could hear her mother muffling something through the gag almost sounded like dude or something but Kristi ignored it and pushed forward into her mother's dry virgin asshole. The camera zoomed in on Kristi pulling back on Janice's hair and with a giant smile on her face ramming into her ass as fast as she possibly could. She was in amazing shape and unlike a real man there was no worry of her blowing a load so she could pound her like a machine. Tears were running down Janice's face and you could barely hear her screams over the sound of Kristi's hips slamming into Janice. Once Kristi was done slamming her mother's ass she seemed to realize the horror of what she has just done but it was too late now. I paused time once more and cleaned the two girls up and put them neatly in their beds and went to get some rest myself. I'm sure they were both lying in their beds wondering how all this was possible maybe they thought I was a god. I was like any child with a new toy though I was thinking how much fun it would have been if I could have had two wishes and all of a sudden the same faceless man appeared in my room with the same question what exactly do you want?....