I was his bride十八禁男男腐啪gv肉真人视频
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I was his bride十八禁男男腐啪gv肉真人视频

Chapter 2 Part 1 The Festival of DeathI broke off my dangerous words as my kid brother Sunbeam appeared at my side. Seeing through the shadow that he created, I reached my hand in and dispersed it. I was met with a pouting frown. “What did you do that for sis, I was just trying to have some fun”. I put my hands on my hips and scowled down at him. “It is not called fun when you take the shape of a ghoul, I could have killed you if I did not see past that cloak you so brilliantly made…for a runt”. To take the bite out of my words I messed up his shaggy hair and smiled down at him. Pretending disgust he threw my hand off and crossed his arms.He sighed and smiled his boyish smile, “okay no more cloaks around sis only his high highness papa”. He then took my hand and started for the castle in the distance weaving through the crowds of drunken reptiles, personally I just hoped no one got too drunk and decided to Shift and set the market ablaze. Though some have already have Shifted into less dangerous creatures, which we had to jump over, or quickly dodge. Getting an idea I tapped Sunny on the shoulder so he could find an avenue for a breather. “This is going to take forever how about we try flashing together”, he answered me with a blinding smile and took both my hands in his, “library?” “Library”, I agreed. Together we concentrated and with a pull and a feeling of flight we opened our eyes to see a labyrinth of books and rolls of parchment. We grinned goofily at each other at the progress we made; progress because for once, none of our body parts had flashed into or merged into anything. Suddenly his smile disappeared and he quickly dropped my hands and moved away, knowing what to expect I plastered a fake smile upon my face and turned to meet the inappropriate searching gaze of my father. His gaze left mine and met my brother’s, then again found mine. “You know very well I don’t want you hanging around this ungrateful runt”, his voice though like honey took a steely and sneering edge when he talked about my little brother. I stood taller and tried my best to stare him down I did not win. “I’m sorry father we were just practicing or speeches for the festival”. He snorted, but gratefully did not press further, “good at least with your help he wont be a complete embarrassment”. I lowered my head showing submission. Apparently satisfied he turned dramatically for the door giving his cape flight. He stopped before he exited, “oh one more thing, tonight will be different, tonight I will choose a new bride to take the throne”. He then left the library leaving my brother and I to gape at each other in shock. The gown was too tight in all the wrong places, I complained to my hen like maid. Warmdawn only tutted and continued to pin and place the garments that made my ceremonial gown. She paused for a moment in her pinning and placing and met my amber gaze in the looking glass before us. “You are quite handsome young lady, there is no need to be nervous, and his majesty will choose a excellent young woman”. We stared at each other for another second then burst out laughing. “As if any female will take him” I managed to get out between breathless giggles. We sobered instantly realizing that’s not exactly the case. Warmdawn voiced my thoughts, “we both know that whoever he chooses will not have a choice”. She turned me toward her and locked gazes. “Let us promise that we will look after the poor woman he chooses”. I nodded my understanding; we both knew that many who entered his bed, exited baring his handprints and sometimes footprints. Dawn turned me back to the looking glass and continued her alterations. “Now stand still my young dragon and stop complaining I’m almost done.” The dress was finished and it was stunning with out being sensual. Flowing to my feet it was the color of the orange that graced the sky when the sun prepared its bed. Outlining my breasts it then dropped like a column but for a small cinch in the waist to accent the curves that the rest of it covered. The sleeves were also made of a fine cloth with cuts of net just in the right places. They were shaped like upside down pitcher flowers that left my wrists and forearms bear. Dawn then gently lifted my feet placing comfortable slippers upon them, knowing very well many a young draken will be asking me for a dance this night. “Dawn I love it”. I turned to hug her and she returned it with vigor. She made her tutting sound again and led me to the dresser to prepare my hair. With quick and sure fingers she swiftly plucked and folded and tucked strands into an elegant French braid that was netted in a flower design. I was always amazed by her artistic skill, and she surly showed it through my outfit this evening. She kissed me on the cheek and shushed away my thanks and shooed me to the door of my chamber. Turning back I saw a tear escape her silver pearl eyes and I wondered if her dreams of prophecy had visited her the night afore. But I banished the thought, if she knew she would tell me. But a small voice inside me questioned if her vision was of me and if that was the reason she did not tell me so as not to test the fates. I shook away the rest of my doubts and waited for my brother so we could descend the steps to the hall together. Not a minute latter he materialized at my side dressed in trousers and tunic, the fabric matching mine only to a slight shade. He looked up at me and gave me one of his blazing smiles, “You ready Rose?” I joined our hands and nodded to him,欧美顶级metart裸体全部自慰 “ready”. We descended the steps in unison each supporting the other. Ready for what ever our father was about to throw at us. The hall was way too silent for the mass of bodies that crowded here. Faces rose at our entrance with smiles and joy. But that was short lived when my father again captured their attention at his spot upon a raised dais at the end of the hall. “Come here children and sit beside me, and help me welcome our new queen”. Shocked voices with matching faces whispered in the room. We made our way to the seats and to my anger saw that my brother’s chair had been moved down a step and mine moved beside my fathers. My brother clutched my hand afraid to release me to the monster that played his smile before us. I squeezed his hand in reassurance and let go, leaving him to take my seat to my father’s right. An angry hush fell upon the crowd as they realized my placement, it was the place that my mother held before she died giving birth to Sunny. Then suddenly we all realized what my father has done, I was his bride, and he chose me. My body froze in shock and the crowd stared, then in a split second everything went to hell. Suddenly dragons were everywhere, I myself tried to leave my seat but it held to my bottom as if it was nailed to it. I saw something on the ground and to my horror saw a circle of bars that prevented anyone from exiting or entering it but the person who made it. Shocked I looked quickly around searching for my brother. I found him…with my father’s fangs protruding from his neck, and his empty gaze staring off into nothing. I heard screaming, painful grieving fear-fed screaming, then I realized it was me. I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t think. All I could see is my brother’s blank gaze and the giant venom infested holes in his neck. I heard banging against the barrier but I couldn’t look away from Sunbeam. Finally the screaming stopped but my mouth still made the silent form. My vision was spotty, and I could barely breath, I vaguely realized that I was suffocating myself. I didn’t care I wanted to die, I wanted to see my brother again; I wanted to forget this ever happened. With that last thought my mind shut down and I met comforting darkness. I awoke to intense pain upon my cheek; I opened my eyes to see my father preparing his hand to smack me again. He stopped and grinned at me, “look who’s awake, I didn’t want you to miss this so sit up and wake up”. He brought his hand across my face again this time rather hard. Doing as he says I sat up and about threw up onto the floor. The entire hall was littered with the bodies of dragons, creatures, and man all in the throws of the last terrifying moments they lived. “ho…how”. I focused in front of me, my nurse, the woman who practically raised me when mom died kneeled before me, her features almost unrecognizable. “Warmdawn?” My voice sounded raw and barely made it past my lips. My nurse shook her head and looked at me sadly. Then in one swift moment she was decapitated by my father’s claw and her life-blood sprayed over me from head to toe. I was in shock, my brain was working overtime trying to process that this was really happening that it wasn’t some fucked up nightmare. My father picked up the head and with his hand scooped out a silvery ball of light and in front of me ate my friend’s soul. …………Then I puked.To be continued guys…. Part two will come soon, for now let your imagination run wild and try to guess what becomes of Winterose………I’m such an asshole ☺, luv u guys and thanks for the support and suggestions